Halloween Party Ideas (They’re So Good It’s Scary)!

When Michael Jackcon’s Thriller suddenly comes on your mix do you secretly break into your zombie dance?

Yeah, us too. We totally get it! It’s something only those who love Halloween can truly understand.

And speaking of Halloween…not sure what to do for it this year?

We have got you covered with a few awesome and EASY ways to celebrate with friends, family or even those in your office. You can celebrate virtually or in person!

Pumpkin carving

We are taking tradition to the next level! Working as teams, pairs or individuals (if virtual) have each person attempt to create the winning carvings for categories such as funniest, spookiest, or most beautiful pumpkin. Just make sure to select one person as a judge to score each pumpkin beforehand or Fun Team Events is happy to be there to judge your creations!

Horror movie trivia

How well do you know your scary movie plots, characters and scenes? Create a set of trivia cards based on horror film facts. The sky’s the limit so think Creature of the Black Lagoon! Break into groups and take your set of trivia cards (or Fun Team Events is happy to host so no one is left out) and begin the excitement. Have an Amazon gift card ready for the winner to make the competition a bit more fierce!

Send out mini snack packs

What is a party without food, right? So before the festivities begin consider sending out some tasty treats and by treats we of course mean candy! You could also consider sending (or featuring) toasted pumpkin seeds, apple cider, pumpkin cookies, and any other delicious fall themed tasty treat and guests will truly appreciate the gesture.

Costume contest

This one never gets old. I mean, what other time of year do you get to see the people you work with or in your own circle dressed up as a giant lobster (yeah we are talking about you Uncle Joe)? You could have party goers dress up in any costume they wish OR you can make it a bit more challenging and fun by requesting that they dress in a particular theme such as “80’s hair bands” or “your favorite Disney character”. You can go as crazy or wild as you want with this one. To judge the winner you can ask party participants to vote for their favorite costume.

Pumpkin Coin Toss

Remember that game as a kid that involved clothes pins and getting them into a jar? Well we’re sophisticated adults now so we are replacing the clothes pins with pennies. Here’s what to do… Set out two of the same hollowed out plastic (or real) pumpkins and place them on a table. Divide guests into two teams. Have the team members line up behind a line that is drawn three feet away from the pumpkins. Give each team a bucket of pennies. Set a timer for two minutes and have players take turns tossing the coins into the pumpkins. The team with the most coins inside of their pumpkin when the timer ends wins the game. Make sure to have a prize ready.

Whether you decide to take on one or all of these party ideas we hope you enjoy all the Halloween goodness you can handle this year!