3 Fabulously Fun & Easy Ways To Make & Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

After the holiday sweets have long been eaten (yum!!) and the presents have been unwrapped (awwww!!!) we are often left asking ourselves…WHAT the heck am I going to do this year to make things better in my life?!

Making and keeping resolutions can be tough, but we have come up with 3 easy (and fun) ways to get you going!

Write it down (simple, we know!)

Get everyone at your home or at work thinking about their New Year’s resolutions with this simple idea. Place a large jar with a lid on a table with blank pieces of paper and some pens. Label the jar as “Resolution Starter” and ask everyone to take one piece of paper, write theirs down and plop it in the jar. If they don’t want to write it down right away, they can easily stash their resolution in their purse or pocket for later. Oftentimes when we write things down, we take them much more seriously versus just casually chatting about them. Optional: once everyone has anonymously filled theirs out, sit down and share. You might be surprised at how many people have the same goals this year!

Pick something fun (again, simple, right?!)

A resolution doesn’t have to be something you are feeling guilty about or a big complicated thing that you saw on a tv show last week! Make it about YOU by thinking of something fun or positive that you’ve been wanting to do, but never allow yourself the time. Give yourself permission to go grab a coffee with friends more often! Perhaps you want to schedule more “me time” or take a class. Do you want to learn another language this year or go skydiving? Set a goal that feels fun and rewarding and you’ll be more likely to carry through!

Be visual about it (time for a little arts and crafts!)

This is a super fun one! Grab a bunch of old magazines, a poster board (or even a notebook), scissors, and a glue stick. Take a few minutes and cut out pictures and words of the things that represent your resolution(s) and add them in. Make sure to include long-term as well as short-term goal(s) and have fun with it. When you can visually see the goals right in front of you, you are more likely to achieve them! 

Happy New Year and happy resolution-making!