Don’t Let Your Virtual Team Lose Its Virtual Fun

Are you losing steam?

If you’re like us, March brought a whole new meaning to the words “work from home.” With that new reality came a new challenge of keeping our team alive and kicking same as before. We’re a Fun Team Events company, so you better believe we brought the heat in team bonding and sustaining that office buzz over video chat.

But you can only do so many happy hours. And, “Aren’t we settling into a new routine?” And, “Gosh, I’m tired of looking at screens!” And on and on. It’s not easy to sustain a focus on keeping a tight virtual team culture. But it’s worth it.

“Google’s people analytics team has conducted extensive research on team dynamics and how they contribute to team effectiveness. When it comes to people working in distributed locations, they found the most effective teams were the ones that prioritized getting connected, being connected, and feeling connected. (source)

Take one look at Google Trends and you can see that not only are people working more from home, they’re looking for ways to stay connected. Here are some quick tips to make that focus on virtual team culture less of a slog:

  • Rotate the Responsibility. Don’t put one person in charge of fun. It’s everyone’s job to focus on team culture, plus it can be fun to see someone’s personality in the way they approach it.

  • Get Creative. If attendance at previously successful events is waning: mix it up. There’s nothing wrong with you, the team, or the event… it’s just that variety is the spice of life and you can re-engage your team with new ideas.

  • Hire a Professional. Take the guesswork (and work work) out of it. It’s literally our job to make this easy, fun, and reasonably priced. We’re focused on hosting events that make you the rockstar for your team.

Fun Team Events is a premier virtual events company, guaranteeing you have fun while ensuring the process to getting there is streamlined and easy. We know it’s tricky to make everyone happy that’s why we have:

  • Streamlined planning to make it as easy as you want it (be involved or not!)

  • Entertainers as hosts, focused on engaging attendees

  • Technology that gets out of the way of the fun

  • A guarantee that you’ll be satisfied and smiling along with the group

Reach out to learn more and book an event for your team today!