What Are The Benefits Of Team Building?

We’ve all heard the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work.”

But, what does that really mean? Whether it’s a sports team trying to win a championship game or a company team trying to achieve high-performance metrics, one thing is for sure - success often relies on the team’s ability to communicate, trust, and inspire one another. If you want a hardworking, cohesive unit driving your team forward, team building is a perfect way to get started.

Team building events can come in different forms, including in-person experiences, interactive games, virtual activities, philanthropic-based outings, and more. Historically, many organizations pass over opportunities for team bonding exercises either because of the time cost it involves or the expense of the activity. The good news is, team building does not have to be a strenuous, expensive endeavor. There are so many things that can be done within budget, and with the help of some event experts – there could be little to no planning involved!

Let’s look at five main reasons why team building works, how it can benefit your company, and how to plan a successful team-building event.  

What are the benefits of team building?

Business owners and managers are always looking for ways to make their organizations more successful and profitable, and happy employees can make the real difference between triumph and failure. While many businesses tend to overlook the importance of team bonding experiences, studies show that those who neglect or unsuccessfully implement relationship-building tactics run the risk of having disconnected and unmotivated employees. 

Team building can help the individuals in your organization get on the same page, increase motivation to reach deadlines, and encourage deeper connections to help teams work together cross-functionally. Additionally, by supporting a more robust company culture, employees may become more engaged with company-wide goals, values, and performance standards. 

Team building connects virtual teams

Now that we have moved into a world where more and more companies have embraced hybrid or remote work, team-building activities and events will be more important than ever to keep virtual teams connected. Taking the time to allow employees to build relationships with one another in a relaxed setting could significantly impact how they will work together moving forward. It will also allow team members who seem isolated or separated to feel closer and more connected with the broader team.

By appreciating staff and encouraging collaboration and the development of skills, any team – regardless of physical location – is better positioned to prosper! 

Team building improves communication

A properly planned team-building event can improve communication and collaboration between employees and managers. Fun, exciting group activities allow employees to get to know one another personally and break down the walls of discomfort or uneasiness by encouraging them to focus on what they have in common versus their differences. 

Taking time to step away from work as a group can help achieve great results – it was found that 50% of positive changes in communication patterns within the workspace can be accredited to social interaction outside of the workplace! And planning a team-building activity is a meaningful first step.

Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where everyone is happy and comfortable talking to anyone. With improved communication, team members begin to better understand their roles and the roles of their peers. By having a more profound comprehension of what others are doing around them, they will be able to check up on the progress made and help each other out if needed. 

Team building builds trust

Trust is the foundation of effective teams and positive work culture. For employees to work together at their highest potential, they need to know that they can trust one another and fall back on each other should the need arise. 

When you build trust among teams, they give each other the autonomy and space needed to accomplish tasks and reach their own decisions. 

Additionally, as workplaces make strides to become more inclusive, employees need to bond as a team to cultivate feelings of acceptance and understanding. However, it can be tough to get to know your fellow team members when all you talk about and experience together is work. By temporarily leaving the work mentality behind, teams can discuss other interests and tidbits to learn more about one another and feel a stronger connection. 

Team building improves productivity

By providing an opportunity for teams to come together and open up in a non-workplace environment, employees can improve problem-solving skills and gain a better understanding of how everyone works. A study conducted by Stanford University showed that when workers felt a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, they persisted 48 to 64% longer on a challenging task, became more engrossed in the job, and performed better on it! 

Team building activities also help employees explore their creative sides, which is essential for productivity. When fun activities are incorporated into the culture regularly, it can help spark creative problem solving and shows that bouncing ideas off of each other is encouraged to reach innovative solutions!

Team building boosts morale

When teams come together, it fosters innovation and originality in and out of the workplace. Making time for fun and enjoyment can also boost morale which is essential for stress management, enhanced teamwork, and reduced turnover rate. 

Today’s employees put a strong emphasis on company culture. Many want to be in a company that they are proud to work for and are eager to show up to every day. When employees feel a higher sense of morale, they will become more engaged and motivated to perform. Most people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves; when they are reminded that they’re part of a dependable team, they are re-energized to do their best to support themselves and their teammates. 

How to jumpstart your next team building event

Work can be stressful and may even feel draining at times, but being surrounded by people you feel connected to, and trust can make a world of difference. For many people, feeling like you are part of something bigger than just a paycheck is very important to mitigate a monotonous, dull environment. 

Fun Time Events can help you plan and execute your next virtual team event! You bring the team; we’ll bring the fun. Chat with an event expert today to learn how we can help you pull off a memorable event.