4 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games You Need To Play!

Ah Thanksgiving, a time to eat turkey, be thankful and more importantly challenge your family members or co-workers to games that will have you all rolling on the floor with laughter. Here are a few we think you will love

When turkeys fly

Supplies: Small light feathers

How to Play:

Give each player a fake feather. Players must blow the feather in the air with their mouths and keep it floating in the air as long as possible.

If you’re playing individual style games, they must keep it up for a minute. If you’re playing teams, whoever keeps their feather in the air the longest is the winner!

Pie in your face

Supplies: Edible alphabet letters, pie tins, and spray whipped cream 

How to Play:

Before the party, pull out the edible gummy letters that spell out a word of your choosing. Then place those letters into an empty aluminum pie tin, fill with whipped cream and put in the refrigerator so they don’t melt while you’re waiting to play.

To play, players must race to eat through their pies to find the letters inside. Once they find the letters inside, they must unscramble them to create the Thanksgiving themed word you came up with. Make sure to give each player an extra pie tin to toss their found letters into for unscrambling! Whomever unscrambles the word first wins. This also works fantastically with pairs or teams of 3!

Bonus points if you take pictures of the winner’s faces covered in a whipped cream frenzy! Trust us, you’ll want to save those pics for later.

Mayflower Find

Supplies: Various items for teams to find, printed lists of the items along with clues of where they are hidden.

Examples of fall themed items to have players look for:

– Sugar pumpkins
– Red fall leaves
– Cranberries
– Plastic turkeys

How to play:

Take yourself back to childhood with this classic scavenger hunt! The person in charge hides all of the items, hands out the lists and encourages everyone to find the items as quickly as possible. Simple, but oh so fun! Whoever finds all the items first wins! If the weather isn’t cooperating just hide the items around the house.

Baste the turkey

Supplies: Small light feathers, a turkey baster for each player or team, and small containers or boxes.

How to Play:

A great way to use those feathers again! Find an open space to play if the weather cooperates and it’s not windy, head outside!  Place the feathers in one location and place the small containers or boxes to collect the feathers some distance away from the feathers.

Give each team member or participant the turkey baster and now the fun can begin.  Have the players move the feather toward the container/box on the other side of the room, using ONLY the turkey baster to puff the feather across the floor. Whoever gets all their feathers from one end of the space to the other wins.

We hope these games will help you avoid the dreaded turkey coma and get you up and roaring with laughter! 

We here at FunTeam Events hope you have a wonderful November and a terrific Thanksgiving!